Dak.gg Meta Comps feature update!

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From Meta Comps to placement method and augmentation recommendation item

LoLCHESS.GG widget feature has been updated! Now use today's recommended meta widget more conveniently on the mobile app

TFT Mobile Assistant Meta Comps Widget

You can check the team composition recommended by LoLCHESS.GG Support during the game. We promised to call this the Meta Comps Widget.

Meta Comps single line mode and Champ name display function

Have you picked out the deck you want to play? Then switch to single line mode. You can play with the necessary champions and items open.

From placement method and augmentation recommendation to item priority

Are you hesitant about what items to bring from a busy sushi restaurant?Worried about the optimal placement of champions? If you use the Meta Comps Widget, there is no problem.

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