Dak.gg Valorant store feature update!

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From today's shop, set, night market check to Skin Ranking

Updated store functionality in Dak.gg Valorant! Now conveniently use the mobile app, from checking today's stores, sets, and night markets to previewing skin and chroma applications by level!

Renewed every day my own shop

You can easily check today's shops, sets, and night market discounts that are updated daily. Today's shop update notice is also being prepared, so please wait a little longer!

Provide videos according to skin level

You can check the firearm effect that changes according to the skin level in the video. Isn't the Champions 2021 Vandal skin so pretty? Dumchit Dumchit🥁

Apply skin chroma

If you apply chroma to your skin, it feels new, right? You can apply it right away on DAK.GG Mobile.

Skin rankings, notifications and...

We are constantly updating VALORANT shop features.From skin rankings to check if you are spending rationally, to today's shop refresh notifications! If there is a function you need, please feel free to request it through DAK.GG Mobile.

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