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Stats Search

You can check the historical information you need to win in real time.

Game Walkthrough

We have prepared walkthroughs optimized for each game, such as item statistics, champion analysis, and artisan builder.

Meta Recommendation

We recommend the latest meta by analyzing pro gamers' know-how and big data.

Patch Notes

What will be updated this season? We will take a poke and inform you of only the important contents in the patch.

With the set report, you can understand and analyze your performance by season at a glance.

Set Report

If you're wondering your past journey
with the Little Legends

LoR Meta

A weekly meta tier list from
Guangdong Freecs TCG pro gamers.
From deck builders to gamers' deck galleries, we've got everything you need to know to win.


Check quickly and easily Today’s matches and see the ongoing league at a glance every week.

Analyze the power of both teams using data up to one week before the start of the match. Can compare and check the strengths and weaknesses of the team you cheer for and the abilities of key players.

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TFT Meta

Recommended meta written with advice from challenger players and YouTubers. It is updated in real time according to the season and meta.

Match Details

Data is analyzed to provide information on rounds, players, and team fights. You can check the situation with the map replay.


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